Angela  Donovan

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May 2020: Speaking Of Death And Beyond: the real truth about death has been swept under the carpet, so to speak. The majority of people on this planet are living and dying in total ignorance of the great truth - we are eternal beings.

May 2020: The Time Of Clearance.  The most powerful message of our time for all Divine beings: the reason we are having muddled thinking is we are being bombarded by a new wave flowing around the earth disrupting thought processes. When this is recognised you will be amazed. We are protected by the Divine Source.

April 2020: The Time Is Now.  As Divine beings we have been given this moment to unite our consciousness together, and stop the dark force takeover of planet earth as has been planned for far too long - they shall not succeed.

March 2020: The Power Is Within You.  Angela's mind-boost to a new horizon: Make your own decision - Enlightenment OR Entrainment.

Guided Inspirational Meditation. Give yourself 10 minutes to create your very own 'ME' time and let yourself go with the perfect Inspirational Meditation to elevate yourself, boost your inner-power and become all you truly wish to be.

An overview of Existence. All That Is Spiritual is everything that is beyond linear time - everything in the Ether and beyond.

All That Is Spiritual - Speaking of Angela's communications and teachings with colleagues from the Higher Realms of existence.