Angela  Donovan

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Introducing Angela

ANGELA is a world-renowned Medium and Spiritual and Business Mentor, benefiting clients across the world individually, in groups and through her books and numerous TV and Radio shows worldwide.

Her success derives from her powerful dynamic energy and her gift of incredible spiritual vision, enabling her to see way beyond any 'problem' she is faced with.

Her positive, upbeat outlook gives inspiration and expertise to all who meet her, leaving everyone she speaks to with at least one crucial message that will make the greatest difference to their lives. 

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Speaking on Death and Beyond  

The real truth about death has been swept under the carpet, so to speak. The majority of people on this planet are living and dying in total ignorance of the great truth - we are eternal beings.

May 2020


We are being bombarded by a new wave flowing around the earth disrupting thought processes. When this is recognised you will be amazed. We are protected by the Divine Source.

April 2020

As Divine beings, together we will stop the dark force takeover of Planet Earth

March 2020

I share an overview of all that is happening currently on planet Earth amongst the human population, and how we can benefit

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“Today have room for new creations, be true to self, forgive and release all past misdemeanours, they are futile in the scheme of existence.”  - Angela Donovan 

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Give yourself 10 minutes to create your very own 'ME' time


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Angela's Youtube Channel, covering all that is beyond linear time in the Ether and more.

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David R Hawkins brilliant radio talk on spirituality and consciousness :

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NDE (Near Death Experience):
Having met and talked with Hamish on his NDE, this clip is a delight to share and listen to:

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