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Angela and Andrew Donovan

This could be your leaf -

- A leaf that reveals staggeringly accurate details of your life to date, your past life, and your future

After reading 'The Hidden Oracle of India', Belinda took her own journey and wrote: 

"....It was an amazing moment as I stared at the small narrow leaf and looked at the Tamil writing all over it from which he was reading... It was mind blowing! Just the enormity of the fact that all this had been 'downloaded' by Shiva thousands of years ago, and that here I was sitting in a hot, small room on the other side of the world from my home in England. It was very humbling, and at the same time it all seemed so normal, so right. I knew that I really was at the right place at the right time."

Is your leaf there? If so, you too could have an amazing, life-enhancing experience - it really could be your time.

Following a journey that began in 2004, Angela and Andrew have since made numerous highly successful Naadi Trips, escorting hundreds of seekers to find their very own leaves.

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2018 - You are welcome to join Angela and Andrew on their next exclusive 'Naadi Trip' to Delhi  from 26th April - for further details please email Angela on [email protected]

You could even find time to visit the magnificent Taj Mahal!